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Upper Cervical Spinal Adjustments in Ogden

Upper cervical is a promising approach to healing because it’s holistic and all-natural. Its effectiveness hinges on restoring balance in the body to eliminate signal interferences and remove undue pressure on the spine, vertebral artery, brainstem, and spinal cord. Thousands of ailing patients – both young and old – benefit from the adjustments because it offers a better chance at resolving even the most complicated health problems like migraine headaches.

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Welcome to Atlas Integrated Medicine

Atlas Integrated Medicine in South Ogden, Utah, is an integrated, holistic medical clinic specializing in physical rehabilitation and functional medicine. The talented team of experienced medical professionals works together to take a more in-depth look at the underlying problems causing symptoms. It’s through this team effort that the health care professionals at Atlas Integrated Medicine achieve success after success with their patients.


Had a friend suffering from headaches, teeth out of alignment and inability to sleep resulting from an accident 4 months ago. Although they had visited several doctors, they were unable to get relief other than prescription painkillers which they didn’t want to take. They didn’t want to just mask the pain and were concerned about addiction. I Recommended they go see Dr Bunn. They were new to chiropractic and a little nervous. Chris and staff are friendly and professional. They were able to immediately make them comfortable. Chris explained every procedure along the way, took a CT scan and showed where the neck was out of alignment. Made the necessary adjustments providing my friend immediately relief. After only two visits they are on the way to finally recovering from the accident. Very positive experience.

Glen H.

Chris is patient, kind, very well educated, informative, and has helped me more than an entire team of doctors were able before I came to him for the same issue. His knowledge of head injuries specifically is absolutely outstanding and he has been able to zero in on the specific issues I’ve faced since an accident 5 months ago.

Alexis M.

I LOVE this clinic! Dr. Bunn and his staff are amazing. That always make me feel welcome and they take a personal interest in me and my health. My vertigo is virtually gone as well as most of my back and neck pain. I would highly recommend them!

Kathy P.

Did not know what to expect with Dr. Bunn but he’s been wonderful. His style of treatment is not at all like past experiences with other chiropractors (which were good) but he’s been great. I went to see him to help with my Meniere’s Disease and now, after about six visits, I think his realignment of the atlas bone in my neck has decreased my tendency toward getting vertigo with certain movements of my head. I can also see it for myself with the weekly CT scans he does showing the gradual improvement. I also have better mobility of my neck. I didn’t realize it was somewhat limited until after he treated me and now I can turn my neck a lot farther. Highly recommend!


I’m so happy. My TMJ is sooo much better!! I have every confidence it will be completely gone very soon. I am practically pain free. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Bunn to you if you have TMJ. He’s amazing.

Marie D.

Dr. Bunn is the third specialist I’ve seen for my TMJ and misaligned atlas and he is the only one that has been able to offer significant and lasting results. He truly cares and is willing to go the extra mile. His front staff, Jenni, is super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!

Amber B.

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