Dr. Christopher Bunn

I graduated from Logan college of chiropractic in 2001 and have practiced in the Ogden area ever since. After more than a decade of treating chiropractic patients through the “traditional” method of multiple adjustments and extended care plans, I was burned out and frustrated. I decided to take a break from private practice, and as fate would have it, soon after, I encountered health problems.

After several visits to different providers (acupuncturists, MDs, Hormonal Replacement Docs, NPS), I found relief and lasting, measurable improvement through a completely different type of chiropractic care called “Upper Cervical” (AO). In hindsight, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise because I had taken our own son for AO care at the world-renowned Sweat Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, after he had been diagnosed as a Type I diabetic in 2008.

Haley McIntosh APRN

Haley McIntosh’s healthcare journey began with a passion for patient care and a commitment to positively impacting lives. With over ten years of experience, her diverse roles—from CNA to Nurse Practitioner—have equipped her with a holistic understanding of healthcare.

She has worked for Utah Lions Eye Bank and Donor Connect, supported organ donation, and spent nine years in Labor and Delivery. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Weber State University and a Master of Science in Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner from Frontier Nursing University in 2022. As a Nurse Practitioner at a Wellness center, Haley uses a functional medicine approach to address hormones, weight loss, fatigue, and overall health.

Outside of work, she enjoys being with her family, eating food, camping, and travel. Her humanitarian trips to Cambodia and Thailand, along with visits to Japan, London, Alaska, Hawaii, China, Indonesia, Bali, Singapore, and Vietnam, have deepened her dedication to enhancing patients’ quality of life.


Logan is our rehab assistant.. Logan has had more experience in healthcare than he would probably like being diagnosed with type I diabetes at age 6… He became obsessed with delivering great customer service to patients, which he feels is a missing piece in today’s healthcare. Logan loves helping our patients build strength and improve posture . When he isn’t in the office, he is working hard on his golf game, where he fell in love with the biomechanics of athletes. You will Always see a smile on Logan’s face.


Jenni has a passion for natural health and healing and comes from a 30 year healthcare background having worked for her father, a well respected veterinarian for over 20 years, before working in Dr. Bunn’s practice. Jenni truly wants to see patients live their best lives…